Monday, May 3, 2010

Zheng Yan, the 1st Female Mingren

The 1st Female Mingren was concluded! The winner is Zheng Yan (2 dan). She beat Li He in the final by 3.5 points.

Li He (left) vs. Song Ronghui (right) at the semi-final

Comparing to Li He, Zheng Yan is not as famous as her, however fame doesn't matter in go. What matter is player's skill and Zheng proved that she is skilled enough to win the title.

Zheng Yan (left) vs. Lu Jia (right) at the semi-final.

Congrtulations to Zheng Yan!

You can see the game record between Zheng Yan vs. Li He

Zheng Yan(left) vs. Li He (right) at the final game.

Or download the game from here.

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