Thursday, April 22, 2010

Female Mingren round 1

As I mentioned in my post before, the first round of the 1st Female Mingren was played at April 22. All but one well known player managed to the second round. Here is the result of round one.

Lu Jia won from Yu Zhiying.

Yu Zhiying (left) vs. Lu Jia (right)

Meng Zhaoyu won from Zhang Xiang

Meng Zhaoyu (left) vs. Zhang Xiang (right)

Zheng Yan won from Xie Shaobo

Zheng Yan (left) vs. Xie Shaobo (right)

Game record between Zheng Yan vs. Xie Shaobo

Wang Chenxing won from Li Chunhua

Li Chunhua (left) vs. Wang Chenxing (right)

Wang Hongju won from Tang Yi

Tang Yi (left) vs. Wang Hongju (right)

Wang Xiangyun won from Zhan Yueren

Wang Xiangyun (left) vs. Zhang Yueren (right)

Game record between Wang Xiangyun vs. Zhang Yueren

Song Ronghui won from Fan Yijing

Fan Yijing (left) vs. Song Ronghui (right)

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