Sunday, April 4, 2010

Woman of the Week: Lee Hajin

Lee Hajin (이하진) is a Korean professional 3 dan baduk player.

Born in South Korea at 21 June 1988, Hajin successfully became a professional player in November 2004.

This Korean food lover made a sensation when she started her debut in 2005 by an out-of-ordinary winning streaks. She beat Rui Naiwei 9p by resignation in the King of Kings round of the Electronic Land Cup tournament and she also pushed Cho Hyeyeon 6p (at that time), the title holder, out to "Losers' division" in the main round of the Female Myeongin (Female Meijin) championship.
Hajin also crushed a male player, Kim Myungwan 6p with her strong fists in the preliminary round of Hankuk Baduk League. With such a skill, no wonder why she was promoted to 2p in December 2005.

She was promoed to 3p in early 2007. In that year, she also became the member of the Korean team at the Jeongganjang cup. She beat Fan Yujing 2p of China and Mannami Kana 4p and ex-Female Kisei title holder of Japan in the championship. Korea became the champion at that time.

In 2008 she won her first title at the 5th ET Land Cup Female division. Not only that, she also made a good follow up to her ET Land victory by winning the bronze medal at the 1st World Mind Go Sports in China at the mixed pair division. She was paired with On Sojin. The duo beat Li He and Yu Bin of China in the decisive game for the medal.

In 2009, she made a big shot at the prestigious Female Kuksu title, however, she lost 2-0 to Rui Naiwei the title holder.

Lee Hajin (right) vs. Rui Naiwei (left) at the 14th Female Kuksu.

She currently attending Solbridge International School of Business. She said that she has a bigger dream than become a top professional player. She wants to "work for the global Go society. I don’t know what position it would be, but whatever it is, I want that.".

She also said to her interviewer at Solbridge that she "want to be an administration officer rather than an active player.".

She has a very nice English baduk website called Star Baduk.

Here is the links to the game I mentioned above:
Lee Hajin & On Sojin vs. Li He & Yu Bin
Lee Hajin vs. Rui Naiwei
Lee Hajin vs. Cho Hyeyeon

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