Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Five Women in LG Prelim Semi-Final

This year, the women got a pleasure result in the LG Cup preliminary. Five women player survived to semi-final so far.

The first is Suzuki Ayumi (5 dan) of Japan. She made a sensation when she beat Gu Lingyi (5 dan) of China who is one of China's rising star. Gu Lingyi recently beat Lee Changho in Chunlan Cup to reach the third stage where he'll play against Gu Li.

Ms. Suzuki then beat Moon Myeonggeun (9 dan) of Korea in the third round to win one semi-final seat.

Suzuki Ayumi (right) vs. Moon Myeonggeun (left)

Gu Lingyi interviewed over his lost to Suzuki Ayumi

Kim Miri (1 dan) of Korea showed that she deserved the title as "female future champ". She beat Japan's super star and current Daiwa title holder, Kono Rin. She'll play Niu Yutian (7 dan) of China in the semi-final.

Kim Miri

Park Jieun (9 dan) of Korea made her way to semi-final by beating Song Taekon (9 dan) and Choi Wonyong (6 dan) both from Korea.

Park Jieun

Li He (2 dan) of China also made her way to the semi-final. She'll play one of Japan's new pro, Hirata Tomoya. Ms. Li has the advantage in term of experience, since she already became China's team member at Jeongganjang Cup. She even helped China winning the tournament last year.

Li He

Last but not least, the strongest female player also made her way to the semi-final. The one and only Rui Naiwei. She beat Cho Sonjin, ex-Honinbo title holder to win her semi-final ticket. She'll play Wang Yao (6 dan) of China.

Rui Naiwei

15thLG Cup prelim

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