Sunday, April 18, 2010

Four Women Survived Second Round of LG Prelim

The 15th LG Cup was started! Starting with one week preliminary round and followed by the main round next month. So far, second round of the prelim has been played and four women players survived so far.

The first is Suzuki Ayumi (5 dan) of Japan who surprisingly beat Gu Lingyi (5 dan) of China. Gu Lingyi who recently entered the semi-final of CCTV Cup is one of China's rising star. He beat another female player, Shimosaka Miori (1 dan) of Japan in the first round.

Suzuki Ayumi

Next we have Park Sohyun (2 dan) of Korea. She beat Jang Myeonghan (5 dan) of Korea. However, she will has hard time in the third round where she'll play Mok Jinseok (9 dan) of Korea.

Park Sohyun

Kim Yunyoung (1 dan) of Korea won from her country mate, Kim Soojin (3 dan) of Korea. She'll play Wang Tao (3 dan) of China in the third round.

Kim Yunyoung

The fourth player is Lee Jihyun (4 dan) of Kore who beat Hong Jonghyun (9 dan) of Korea. She'll play Peng Liyao (5 dan) of China who beat Ko Geuntae (7 dan) of Korea today.

Also one other woman will join them in the third round. It'll be the winner between Okuda Aya (2 dan) of Japan vs. Kang Seunghee (2 dan) of Korea.

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